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Quite often the simplest solutions in health and beauty are often the most effective.

It may seem hard to believe but many people I speak with do not like drinking water. I've heard many excuses like it doesn't taste good, or when I drink it I need to visit the bathroom too frequently, but most often the biggest excuse I hear is I don't find drinking water necessary. Well, most would agree we find breathing necessary and yet oddly enough drinking water and enough of it daily is not as important to a large part of the population.

Our body's consist of up to 70% water and it supports the biggest organ for all people, our skin. Yet why is water such a taboo subject that we have grown so accustomed to discounting it in terms of achieving better health and beauty? It’s not as if we live in Detroit Michigan where the water has been purposely allowed to become unsafe to consume. Nor do we living in a draught area where potable water contains distasteful levels of chlorine. Has our society has been misled and socialized in to thinking sodas, juices, teas and coffees offer a better hydration solution than some good old water? For some people the answer is yes.

For better or worse many of the people I meet and consult with on a daily basis drink less than 1-4 bottles a day of an average size 16oz bottle of water sold at most convenience stores and in vending machines. The water industry alone commands a growing part of many people’s budget as we as a society have become accustomed to either purifying or purchasing our water from somewhere other that just drinking water straight from our own tap.

What is interesting is that the S&P Global Water Index cites that only a small percentage of 2.4% of water is consumed by consumer discretionary, while Industrials and Utilities consume 45.3% and 40.3 of all water, respectively. So if water is so important in our maintaining our own personal health of skin and internal organs, and it is the most ubiquitous element that all life depends on as well businesses and companies, then why isn’t it higher on the ‘to do’ list for people to consume and protect their health. Truth is, the answer why is different for everyone. Some people just don’t realize the need to drink water but yet most do and often we all forget. Most would agree that the solution to improving anyone’s health and many beauty issues could be easily solved with just an increase of a couple bottles or cups of water. Its just that simple.

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