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An algorithm is simply a set of instructions or sequence of actions to be performed with an intended outcome. Mr. Beautician’s Beauty Algorithm expresses an effective method for creating and maintaining healthy beauty suggestions that can benefit the user through easy to understand examples. Originally taken upon as a challenge to understand and educate women about melasma, which is the overproduction of pigment within the skin’s chromophore called melanogenisis, our research found that utilizing these easy precautions and ten basic solutions can protect your skin from early signs of aging and offset skin damage for any age or skin type.

Water is the most ubiquitous building block of life. It is absolutely essential in hydrating yourself to stay alive and healthy. If you are not adding water to you daily intake of liquids then your health regimen isn’t optimized and you may see premature signs of aging.

Sunblock over the past couple decades has been deemed by the professional community as having more importance for people to use on a daily basis. There are two main types of sunblock, chemical and barrier. Chemical sunblock provides a sunblock protection factor (SPF) from most sunlight, it blends easily into the skin yet unfortunately retains the heat from the sun on the skin’s surface area. Barrier sunblock, on the other hand, usually is white and contains zinc-oxide offering additional protection from both the sun’s rays and heat created upon the skin. Barrier sunblock is commonly used by a lifeguard or surfer displaying a ‘white nose’ of blocking protection. Using either, it is important to reapply sunblock every two to three hours for better protection especially in direct or bright sunlight.

Natural Oils provide protection for the skin and help balance for skin’s ability to thrive and survive the outside elements. Sebum, the natural oil that our own skin and scalp produce, is the essential natural protection from the sun to protect the skin. Utilizing natural oils like vegetable oils, coconut, grape seed, avocado, and rose-hip oils are just a few of the beneficial oils that can provide protection and nourishment to the skin. These types of natural oils are often found in your own kitchen and are usually safe enough for most people use on hair, scalp and skin all over the body.

Vitamins provide a well-rounded balance to one’s diet and health. Vitamin supplements and natural vitamins found in foods like fruits and vegetables can offer great benefits to one’s diet. We found that women who take vitamin D and/or continued the use of their pre-natal vitamins years after childbirth were lest prone to exhibit skin pigmentation as seen in melasma. Remember to consult your doctor if you have special dietary needs or restrictions.

Exercise offers many obvious benefits for your health and beauty. The sore feeling we have in our muscles after working out comes from our own muscles producing lactic acid. Lactic acid has other health and beauty benefits for your skin. In fact, many chemical peels often involve lactic acid in their formulas.

Eating Well is probably the easiest and most overlooked element of good health and beauty. If done correctly a proper diet can offset seasonal illness with proper nutritional preparation, or the ability for the body to heal itself holistically by simply eating good, natural, processed-free food.

Low Stress or stress, in general, plays one of the overall biggest negative factors to impairing a person’s health at any age or physical condition. Stress can lead to systemic problems for anyone who is unaware or unable to control this far reaching and debilitating condition.

Sleep, like water and food, is absolutely essential for a one’s good health and wellness. Too much sleep can be as bad as not enough sleep. It is recommended that people get between seven to nine hours a day. And yes, power naps or short-term cat naps that last between 10-20 minutes are also extremely beneficial.

Smiling is a universal way of communicating and great not only for the person smiling but also for others witnessing a smile. A smile balances our neurotransmitters and stimulates our brain’s reward mechanism to create mood-lifting attributes in our health and wellness. A smile can reduce stress hormone levels like cortisol and adrenaline and increase healthy mood levels like endorphins and serotonin. So start smiling – it will alter your mood!

Ignore and Focus is our last and considerably most important point to our Beauty Algorithm. It’s easy to understand: ignore the drama, ignore the distractions, ignore the chaos that life can often throw at you. Most importantly ignore the mirror, because ‘the mirror lies’. Focusing too much on your image in the mirror can leave one feeling helpless and alone as we age or grow older. Instead, focus on what you want, focus on who or what is really important to you in your life. Focus on YOU, a miracle machine that works seamlessly through the trillions and trillions of cells that encompass your body, working together in perfect harmony. When you can do this, and by the laws of attraction you will attract the right people, right jobs, right opportunities that create the reality of who you are supposed to be, a beautiful and healthy person!

Mr. Beautician

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