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Free radicals are small oxygen molecules that attach to other cells of the body and break them down. Our skin's collagen is susceptible to these free radicals which causes them to change. Eating food rich in antioxidants and using products that have antioxidants can help reverse this early aging symptom.

“Stress occurs when oxygen molecules split into single atoms with unpaired electrons, which are called Free Radicals.”

Aging Skin TypesSkin only has a handful of ways to protect itself. Sweating to cool the skin, exfoliation to create new skin, hyperpigmentation (brown) to protect the skin from heat and sun, and creating more oil that protects the skin. The natural and internal factors allow the skin to adapt to different external and internal changes. Wrinkles, age spots, and dry skin can be a sign overdone skin that is undernourished and over-exposed. Its best to drink lots of water. Use hyaluronic serum to moisturize skin, along with a good Zinc-oxide based sunblock to help reduce cells to internal and external exposure.


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