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Your beauty journey begins here with an initial New Client Appointment.


At the Look Austin we are committed to achieving real, visible results within 100 days. Book a new client appointment with one of our fully qualified Ultralipolysis laser therapists who will review your skin type and skincare routine and make recommendations specifically based on your skin type lifestyle.


We offer comprehensive treatment, completely customized by our expert knowledge and advanced therapies that will formulate a unique skincare routine aimed at exceeding your skincare goals.


On your first visit, we discuss your current skin regimin, lifestyle - and most importantly, your needs and goals based around skin type, lifestyle and seasonal fluctuations.


Our complete skincare analysis will provides a structured plan for spa and at home skincare, all completely customized to your skin type, diet and current lifestyle condition.


Start your beauty journey with our leading skicare and wellness expert, to benifit from substantial, long-term results starting today.


• Status of current nutritional plan

• Detailed health, wellness and skintype consultation

• Advanced skincare treatment plan

• Home care products and services plan

• Choice of Ultra Derm (light facial) or Microneedling (medium facial) or Service fee applied to other service(s).

• Free Skincare Serum (1 month supply)


Your Initial consultation will target all the most advanced and latest possible skincare remedies and providing the best serivces and possible solutions for your beauty journey.

New Client Appointment

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  • All services are exchangeable for company credit. 

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