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Ultra Light

One Mask. Seven Magnificent Colors.

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Ultra Light 7 Classic 

Ultra Light 7X (with 25% more coverage)


Ultra Light

LED - Light-Emitting Diode 

LED lights are Light-emitting-diodes that have different biological effects  on skin. There are multiple colors which corresponds to a variety of wavelengths and depths of the visible light spectrum that penetrate and benefit the skin.


Ultra Light

Powerful. Colorful. Magnificent.

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There is no UV (UVA/UVB), so Ultra Light LED is very safe, and with little to no adverse effects. With no downtime or redness its a great weekly or daily part of a regimen skin care. Be advised to discontinue Accutane or Retin-A, or retinoids, as your skin may become photosensitive to possible heat and have a reaction.  Always take it slow and proceed with caution with the use of this device or other electronic products.

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