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Ultra Shape is an anti-cellulite body treatment that using a electrical induction and rolling technique to vacuum suction to produce a range of health benefits.

Ultra Shape is an effective body-modelling technology in the fight against cellulite and rebuilding fascia. By dislodging fat pockets trapped in subcutaneous tissue, while stimulating the blood and lymphatic flow over time we can improve the appearance and elasticity of the skin.

This non-invasive procedure takes a holistic approach to reshaping your body.

  • Skin tightening and collagen induction

  • Stimulate blood & lymphatic flow

  • Tone & re-contour body shape

  • More toned and compact tissue 

  • More clearly defined fascia

  • Reduce & prevent cellulite

  • Improve skin texture & elasticity

  •  Eliminate toxins & increase circulation

The Steps of Ultra Shape:

- Slimming and Toning of Subcutaneous Fat
While performing the Ultra Shape there is activated lymph outage, stimulated the microcurrent and increased circulation of blood within skin and hypoderma; accelerating the adhesion of fatty cells, skin becomes smooth and subtle; and can affect the volume size of buttocks in the areas of thighs and waist.

- Lymph Drainage and Skin Tone
Lymph drainage vacuum massage is designated to drain the liquids; it is performed by movements from the end of the legs to the top, there is generated temporary pressure of tissues by moving tips and rolls. The massage improves lymph flow, allows faster removal of toxins, it activates the activity of secretion glands, improves blood circulation, supply of skin with oxygen. It is applied in case of cellulite, swellings of legs and performed before anti-cellulite procedures.

- Anti-cellulite and Circulation
The task of anti-cellulite is to re-engineer the hypodermic fatty tissue, remove toxins, and improve blood circulation of the skin and muscles, making the skin more elastic and subtle. Increased feeling of warmth and lightness, which appears after the procedure will provide with vitality and energy.

- Subtle and Softening
Vacuum massage reinstates stiffness to slack skin after surgeries, in case of great weight loss after pregnancy. In the tissues being massaged there are produced biologically active substances, therefore there improve the processes of skin regeneration; there are removed dead cells, stimulated the activity of sweat and fatty glands; there improve the elasticity and stiffness of the hypodermis layer.


Results we can achieve with Ultra Shape:
Increase Blood Circulation 
Increases Elastin Production of Collagen 
Re-educates the Muscles 
Stimulates Skin Cells 
Rejuvenates Skin Texture and thickness
Improves, Firms & Tightens Muscles 
Improves & Tightens Sagging Skin 



 - Hair Removal

     - Acne, Scarring Resurfacing 

     - Collagen & Elastin

     - Skin Pigmentation Lightening


- Microneedling

- Microdermabrasion
- LED Photon Therapy

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