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Our Ultra Venus treatment offers amazing solutions for women as they go through childbearing years, hormonal fluctuations and normal aging. At times woman can experience changes in their genitalia tightness and increased continence. Our Ultra Venus treatment offers a nonsurgical vaginal rejuvenation procedure to assist in reversing these changes. Ultra Venus uses radio frequency and laser treatments that are completely painless.

The Ultra Venus lightly heats up the tissues. There is no need for anesthesia and no downtime for the client. Typically patients don’t need post-treatment medications.

What should I expect after?

Because there is no downtime a client can go about their normal routine. It is not advised for clients who may have had any type of fibroids, cervical cancer, or those who are pregnant or trying to conceive. 

Will I notice results right away?
The heating process contracts the skin's collagen immediately, so the long-term tightening effect may take  1-3 months. Tightening of the labia majora with RF can be immediate and seen over the next 8 weeks.



 - Hair Removal

     - Acne, Scarring Resurfacing 

     - Collagen & Elastin

     - Skin Pigmentation Lightening


- Microneedling

- Microdermabrasion
- LED Photon Therapy

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