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#2 Rose Hip Bio-Oil

Our #2 Organic Rosehip Seed Oil contains essential fatty acids omega 6,3 and 9 and is full of vitamins and fatty acids which will dramatically improve your skin.

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#3 Squalene Bio-Oil

Our #3 Squalane is a hypoallergenic, non-comedogenic, colorless ingredient that will not irritate your skin, while its texture is soft and it will not clog the pores of your skin as it is anti-microbial. Squalane oil for the face instantly hydrates and locks in essential moisture. 

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#4 Plant Stem Cell Extracts

Our #4 100% organic and pure #4 Plant Based Stem Cells delivers exceptional hydration, leaving skin fuller and plumper. It is one of the most potent extracts of the coveted apple stem cells, and it has been combined with other natural and effective compounds to create truly optimal results.

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#5 Anti-Aging Hydration

Our #5 Anti-Aging Hydration delivers  exceptional  hydration, leaving skin fuller and plumper. Bottle comes empty, just add pure water and keep with you for anytime refreshing and hydration of skin.

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#6 Bio Oil for Hair and Skin

Our #6 Organic Jojoba Bio-oil for hair and skin delivers exceptional  hydration, leaving hair and skin shinier and silkier.  Once a week, just add pure #6 Bio-Oil for hair and skin and comb through your hair 30 minutes before showering. Bottle contains 4 ounces of #6 Organic Bio-Oil for hair and skin.

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#7 Vitamin C and Collagen

Our #7 Collagen & Vitamin C skin serum delivers exceptional collagen rich, hydrating skin with essential moisture leaving skin dewey and silkier to the touch.  Two to three times a day, just add Collagen & Vitamin C skin serum and apply onto skin after showering. 

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#8 Organic Peptides

Our #8 contains Peptides: Hyaluronic acid, Argireline, Matrixyl 3000, Snap-8 , Vitamin C Ester, Vitamin E , Leucidal. This is the purest and most effective low molecular weight hyaluronic acid on the market today.

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Image by Cosmic Timetraveler
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