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Our Commitment to Your Safety

Our Commitment to Your Safety

At The Look Austin, we are committed to the safety of our customers and the general public in our community. We are here to provide quality services and make every effort to best ensure your safety, comfort and create a quality experience. We are doing everything we can to create an environment that helps promote the safety of your appointment and others in our community.
Prior to your visit, our facility has undergone extensive cleaning and disinfection. We have also taken additional precautions in cleaning and sanitizing. We have also instituted the following policies to help insure the continued effort against viruses and the utmost health of those entering our facility. 


For the reopening of our services, we have taken the following steps to make sure our facility is safe and hygienic for all clients.

General Procedures


  • All staff receive training on COVID-19 infection control and sanitization.

  • Increased cleaning and disinfection procedures instituted throughout the facility.

  • Daily health screening and temperature readings are required before entry. 

  • We reserve the right to decline services to any client that exhibits signs of illness.

  • Use of masks for staff and clients when entering.

  • Extensive hand washing before and after all services provided.

  • Sanitizing stations offered at the reception area and other commonly touched areas.

  • Posting of health and hygiene reminders throughout our facilities.

Our Services

  • All surfaces and implements cleaned and/or disinfected

  • All towels washed and/or disinfected 

  • Removal of any non-essential items

  • Masks required and/or gloves when necessary

  • Team training on essential infection control and hygiene

  • Services by appointment only, which must be made the through our online booking system.

  • Staggered appointments to promote distancing and to provide time for cleaning.

  • No group services offered.

  • Single use of gloves and masks.

  • No-contact with customers at greeting including discontinuing practice of hand shaking.

  • Limited contact as much as possible during service.

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