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Our belief is achieving beauty goals through the process of repetition and frequent core cosmetic maintenance on a monthly or bi-monthly basis. Our Makeovers offer the best treatments for your time and cosmetic needs. 

To see if our Makeover treatments are right for you and learn more about our other non-surgical anti-aging services, schedule a consultation appointment today.

Ultra Bright and Clear 
Acne Treatment

We begin with gentle ozone therapy to push oxygen into the skin. While you numb we offer LED blue light therapy and for the grand finale' microneedling over the full face to rejuvenate new skin and minimize acne scarring.

Regularly  $199 

Only $149

Facial Treatment

Ultra Core 

Body Rejuvenation

Treatment includes one session using 3D HIFU Liposonix on treatment area, and one session with Ultra Cool body sculpting for fat freezing cryolipolysis to contour areas where diet and exercise can only do so much.

Regularly  $999 

Only $749

Ultra Essential

Face Rejuvenation

Our face is considered a roadmap and guide of what is happening within the body. Our cosmetic treatment addresses your needs with  a relaxing LED session, microneedling on face and 3D HIFU Slim Chin on neck area. 

Regularly  $649

Only $549

Image by Mandy von Stahl

Wedding Makeover

Our Wedding makeover package includes:
- Slim Chin tightening underneath the jowl area
- Ultra Cool cryolipolysis for fat reduction
- Microneedling + bottle of hyaluronic serum
- LED (Light Emitting Diode) Photon technology to stimulate production of collagen and elastin fibers.
- Cryotherapy to help stimulate skin before your treatment.

Regularly  $1399 

Only $999

Phenomenal Makeover 

TREATMENT AREAS INCLUDE: - Ultra Lift treatment (face + neck+ décolletage) - Follow up 4 weeks later for a microneedling session. - Includes 2 Ultra Cool sessions.

Regularly  $1999 

Only $1799


Spectacular Makeover


- 4 Ultra Cool sculpting (freeze fat)

- 1 Ultra Lift (tighten face+neck)

- 2 Microneedling sessions

Regularly  $2199 

Only $1999

Miracle Makeover


- 3 Microneedlings  (face)
- 5 Ultra Cool Sculpting (body)
- 1 Ultra Lift 3D HIFU treatment (face)
- 1 Ultra Skinny Liposonix treatment 
- 1 Session of Ultra Shape
- 1 Session of Ultra Sauna 

Regularly  $2779 

Only $2399

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