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Ultra Light 7X LED Photon Therapy Anti-aging Face Mask with 25% more area coverage!


Function: Collagen production, Lighten Pigmentation, Fade Spot, Wrinkle Removal, Skin Whitening. Each mask provides 7X LED colors working on different spectrums of light and frequency. 

7X LED Light frequecy:
Red Light: Wavelength 630nm, stimulate cell activity, enhance the secretion and renewing of skin collagen protein. In the meantime promote the blood circulation of face and achieve deep whitening, spot fading, fine line improving under the circumstance of no skin irritation, making your skin in the active and new state everyday.

Blue Light: Wavelength 470nm, helpful and effective to restrict acne inflammation, reduce the environment of acne, at the same time smooth skin, balance grease resulting in elimination of skin inflammation, reducing the oil secretion.

Yellow Light: Wavelength 590nm, strengthen muscle and stimulate immune system, balance sensitive skin, increase skin elasticity, improve dullness and looseness, assists in lightening hyperpigmentation. 

How To Use:
1.Wash face, apply skin care serum evenly on face for basic care.
2.Connect the mask to your phone by the Dual USB Connection Cable.
3.Wear it on face to enjoy 18 minutes facial spa, notice that you should wear protective eyeglasses in case of eye discomfort or keep eyes closed while using mask. 

Package List:
1 Ultra Light 7X LED Beauty Mask
1 Connect Line to attach to phone
1 User Manual


Material: ABS
Working Voltage: 5V
Powered By: USB Cable
LED Light: Red & Blue & Yellow
Color: Transparent
Item Type: LED Mask
Function: Lighten Pigmentation, Fade Spot, Wrinkle Removal, Skin Whitening

1. Do not wear over 18 minutes every time.
2.Wear protective eyeglasses in case of eye discomfort.
3.Pregnant women, the epileptic group, patients with thyroid diseases or thyroid drug users are forbidden to use this mask.

Ultra Light 7X LED Color Photon Therapy Face Mask

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