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Emsculpt is a game changer in your quest to redefine your body shape. While many other sculpting procedures focus on eliminating fat and melting it away, the EmSculpt builds and redefines the muscle underneath  increasing your definition and creating a tighter more sculpted look all within a 30 minute session. 


EmSculpt is the first FDA approved non-invasive innovation that concurrently uses radiofrequency and HIFEM+ (High-intensity concentrated electromagnetic energy) to both get rid of fat and develop muscle in less time than other sculpting procedures.


Back of Legs


Saddle Bags


Inner Thighs


Upper Thigh

Are You Struggling To Lose Fat & Gain Muscle?


This latest super-intense magnetic wave technology stimulates thousands of forced muscle contractions per 30 minute treatment session.  Such painless muscle contractions are hard to achieve by regular exercise.


This extreme training results in deep muscle remodeling, the growth of myofibrils, muscle hyperplasia and  the production of new collagen chains, thereby increasing muscle density and volume. Supra-maximal muscle contractions cause a large amount of fat decomposition. 

Fatty acids are broken down from triglycerides, which accumulate large numbers of your cells.  High concentration causes fat cells to undergo apoptosis and better excretion from the body through normal metabolism within a few weeks. Thus treatment reduces fat while strengthening and increasing muscle.


Here are some of the benefits of Emsculpt

Is EmSculpt painful or uncomfortable?

EmSculpt is not painful or uncomfortable. It simply feels like a series of strong muscle contractions with the heat of a heating pad. Thinner clients might feel EmSculpt more and may feel a bit tired after treatment.


How long does it take EmSculpt to work?

Our clients usually start to see their new results about 2-3  weeks after their last treatment. 


Does Emsculpt have side effects?

Other than temporary muscle soreness, there are no known adverse effects of Emsculpt. Comparable non-invasive body contouring treatments can lead to redness, swelling, bruising, and pins and needles. With Emsculpt, our clients leave their visit without these signs and can even flaunt their abdominal area or workout that same day!

This non-invasive technology induces muscle contractions buring fat and toning muscle with voluntary muscle contractions. This remodels the inner matrix of the cell structure helping in body contouring. The treatment develops muscles and results in sculpting and toning the body. Typical treatment areas include abdomen, buttocks, arms, calves, and thighs.

Traditional workout methods are synonymous with gyms, exhaustion, sweat and a considerable amount of time and financial commitment. EMSculpt offers a new way to leverage beauty technology that emulates the features and benefits of a gym session while you’re relaxing and in only 30 minutes of time.


Call or book your appointment or consultation today. 

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