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The foods we eat directly affect our health. The better decisions we make about what foods we put into our body can be some of the most important daily decisions we make that keep us healthy, wealthy and wise. Take eating organic foods vs. drinking soda drinks. The amount of money we save instead by drinking water, as well the less impact of sugar and all the other harmful ingredients allow our bodies to not have to recover, which can mean better health, aging less and looking and feeling younger.

Imagine getting your nutrition and energy by not having to count calories by simply eating more fruits and vegetables. Drinking water and eating organically aligns the body with nature, but more importantly is assists your stomach gut to thrive. Our bodies are dynamic systems made up of trillions of cells and bacteria working with thousands of organisms within us, keeping us healthy and alive. This collection of systems makes up our microbiome or also known as our stomach gut.

Considered our 'second brain' our microbiome creates 90% of our serotonin and makes up about 99% of our over all body mass. The epigenetic side of us consisting of our DNA, genes and cells is only a small 1% of who we are. Therefore, by eating better with whole foods are choices we make dietetically, allowing us to thrive. 

The best ways to control our skin from aging and keep it in shape is to minimize sun exposure, maintain plenty of hydration, use some type of moisturizer and maintain a healthy diet,. This will  contribute greatly to our skin’s health, elasticity and the collagen production. Together, these factors determine how fast your skin and face ages. Aside for adding external serums and moisturizer, our best way to keep skin youthful looking is how we eat. Healthier foods will achieve better looking skin, and contribute to our over all health and wellness. 


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