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Our 100% organic and pure organic #2 Rosehip oil delivers massive hydration, leaving skin full and plump. Just add 2-3 drops of oil with usual dosage of #1 Wonder serum, and 4-5 drops of water. Bottle contains 4 ounces of #2 Rosehip Organic Oil Beauty Inteligence. 


Our #2 Rosehip organic oil is anti-microbial oil which may Include the following benefits:


  • Enhances Skin Elasticity
  • Reduces Fine Lines and Wrinkles for Smoother, More Vibrant Appearance
  • More Radiant Complexion
  • Evens Skin Tone for a Brighter 
  • Improves Skin Texture 
  • Deep penetrating Moisturizes to Hydrate Dry, Dull Skin

About this item

  •  BRIGHT AND YOUTHFUL SKIN - Evens skin tone for a brighter, more radiant complexion.
  • ORGANIC & VEGAN - Hyaluronic Acid is organic and vegan for healthy and beautiful skin.
  • NO OILS, FRAGRANCES, PARABENS OR SULFATES - All Natural Serum are never tested on animals.

#2 Rosehip Organic Oil

4 Ounces: Large
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