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Ultra Wave uses EMS (Electric Muscle Stimulation) to develop and strengthen skin by creating involuntary muscle contraction responses, and helping muscle tone to improve without any real physical activity.

Treatments of 20 minutes per week, Ultra Wave can assist in achieving multiple fitness, improve health conditions and contribute to overall health and well-being. This scientifically proven technology, allows Ultra Wave to achieve better results than conventional exercise and can help improve and strength, body shape and stamina in many ways:

What is Ultra Wave and Electrical Muscle Stimulation (EMS)?

Ultra Wave uses Electric muscle stimulation (EMS), to stimulate muscles to stimulate muscle fibers to contract with electrical signals at higher Hz rates. 


These muscle contractions increase blood flow as well as nutrient distribution.  The building of muscle fibers are similar to a standard workout. These improvements in performance that can be achieved in over multiple visits  as would 60 minutes of gym training.


Here are some of the benefits of Ultra Wave and EMS

The muscle stimulation is low impact, high return.  Many people including coaches & athletes use this technology to benefit training, recovery and performance.

1. Stimulates facial blood flow in the muscles  
2. Increases muscle mass
3. Can help in reducing fat
4. Enhances muscular strength and power
5. Release of tension or muscle pain
6. Enhancing athletic performance
7. Improved stress reduction mental recovery
8. Reduction of pain/muscle stimulation
9. Improve posture
10. Exercising of the muscles

To see if this treatment is right for you and learn more about our other non-surgical anti-aging services, schedule a consultation appointment today. 

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