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In his groundbreaking and seminal book, Hiromi Shinya, MD sets the healthy narrative that enzymes are essential proteins in our bodies chemistry, for the organization and digestion of food and all body functions living organisms like plants and animals.

Having a healthy or unhealthy gastrointestinal system dictates one's health and wellness in their stomach track. Our body contains over 5,000 enzymes that produce 25,0000 different chemical reactions. Our body is able to adapt and survive using what Dr. Shinya calls 'source' enzymes. These enzymes are the backbone of our health and are created by living cells to use the foods we eat, in feeding and creating more cellular energy.

There are three main types of digestive enzymes:

- Amylases: Break down carbs like starches into simple sugars

- Lipases: Break down fats into three fatty acids plus a glycerol molecule

- Proteases: Break down proteins into small peptides and amino acids

Dr. Shinya stresses that we simply chew our food better to have a proper digestion that allows our stomach gut and enzymes to work more efficiently. The undigested particles that are small enough can pass from our intestines into our blood stream. It is here that our immune system will attack the free radicals and we develop and over-reactive immune system that is 'fighting' with itself. Our body should be seen as a whole system that works towards breaking down foods to nourish our microbiome/stomach gut into proteins and energy that allow us and our body to physically and mentally become more fit.

The mind / body connection is based around a healthy stomach gut via communication with the vagus nerve. This protects and defends our overall body system by telling our brain when we are full after eating enough. It is estimated that up to 50% of dopamine and 90% of serotonin our bodies produce comes from our stomach gut / GI tract. Our gut uses more than 30 neurotransmitters in creation and use of brain chemicals, that are biochemically-identical to those found in the brain. These chemicals help make you feel happy and full and communicate with your brain through our parasympathetic nerves. A healthy stomach gut enhances your immune system and assists your body in fighting off infections and disease all in conjunction with the 5,000 enzymes that regulate the body.

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