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Here are Top 10 reasons to Snack pack prep

Save Time and reduce cravings by crushing it with Snack Prepping for awesomeness!

When you batch prep food for those healthy inbetween foods you can create bite-sized

foods that power your performance and fill you up.

Ten reasons to Sack Pack vs. Meal Prep

1.) Less time to prepare

2.) More room in the fridge

3.) Less chance of it spoiling or going bad without eating

4.) Healthier alternative to unhealthy junk food

5.) More economical

6.) Tasty treats rather than boring meals

7.) Spice it up with sweets as treats

8.) More protein rich foods that are all natural

9.) Guilt free nibbling

10.) It targets the key areas of your diet: proteing, produce, good fats

Key foods to eat and enjoy:

- nuts and seeds

- trail mix

- mozzerella sticks

- beef jerky

- almonds, dried cranberries, pumpkin seeds

- pecans

- sliced fruit like apples/oranges

- grapes

- french fries

The gear you will need:

- plastic bags or containers

- Magic bullet/Nutri bullet smoothie maker

- sarand wrap / alluminum foil

- glass containers (preferably)

Bon Appétit !


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