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It seems like every year a client contact us with a distress signal because they decided to do their own chemical peel at home. Often they see a 'deal' on Amazon and think "this is easy" but what most people don't realize is that the reason you pay a little extra money to the professionals, is because the professionals (hopefully) went to school for it. And they learned the not so easy way how to do it right, but most importantly how to do it safely.

Last Summer a previous client and her cousin decided to order chemical peels online, and at the worst time of year - July when the heat and sun, are at its worst. They contacted me and I kid you not their face look like the one of Samantha from SITC - in the picture above.

I was a little bit scared for them because I asked 'how long has your face been red' and they said three days. Their face after a chemcial peel should only been red for about 30 minutes after the chemical peel is done. Chemical peels are not great to do here in hot and sunny Texas and never in the Summer. Personally I don't like to do them anymore. It takes a lot of time and your skin heats up and then cools down and then heats up and cools down. I would much rather do something like microneedling to really help create new collagen and exfoliate off that top layer of skin. The problem is, even after that you are physically peeling skin like a zombie for nearly a week after that which is kind of gross.

If you are going to order facials online remember, consider your skin tone type. The Fitzpatrick's 1-6 scale is how we professionally measure the pigment tonality within your chromophore of your skin cells. If you do a chemical peel on a Fitzpatrick 5 or 6 it can severely damage and leave your skin scarred.

Our best recommendation is leave it to the professionals.


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