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So you're planning on spending a lot of time and money on cosmetic treatments but have you considered how and what you eat in the cost benefit analysis of your health? Here are some tips to yield better results and even better wellness. Water is the 'silver bullet' for health, wellness and beauty. It serves to be the catalyst in achieving better result nourishing the body by hydrating cells that actively create over 5,000 enzymes that organize and relegate the body's 25,000 digestive processes and functions.

Better Skin Through Better Foods

Eating real food balances health by leaving the body untaxed with food complications of the digestive process. Our bodies are biophysical energy machines that require fuel in the form of foods we eat. For most people the idea is limited to a limited freedom of choice between yes or no to protein, carbs and calories that fuel and nourish us. Yet, we should be thinking fruits and vegetables, amino acids, essential minerals, enough water, etc., in terms of adequate nourishment for our mind, body, but most importantly the diversification of bacteria in our stomach gut the microbiome. Protecting the trillions and trillions of microbes, bacteria and diversification in our stomach gut is one of the most important and overlooked aspects of our nutrition and contributing factors to our health.


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