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The Oasis Diet is eating ethically grown food that is good for you and the environment.

The To Dos for Immediate Better Health (expanded)

1. Drink Water 6-8 cups per day

2. Eat Fruit to wake up your system with water then breatfast

3. Eat vegetables at breakfast with quinoa (Organic Whole Oat Groats)

4. Exercise (walk, stretch, yoga, run, weights, zumba, gym time)

5. No soda or alcohol

6. Tea over coffee but neither on an empty stomach

7. Dark leafy green salad with complex carbs and/or protein, fruit, flax seed, etc.

8. Relax have fun - power nap, meditate, read a book

9. Go outside - get sun, have fun like when you were a kid

10. Ditch your tech gadgets and social media for one + hours a day

11. Avoid the mirror or thinking about how you look, don't over obsess

12. Make a list of good and bad influences, things or people in your life

13. Check out a group type activity - meetup, coffee shop, get a little social in real life

14. Avoid watching TV or radio - or video games, phones, even kindles and books

15. Listen to classical music

16. Meditate or pray for 15 minutes minimum daily

17. Play an musical instrument(s) or sing (even by yourself) for at least 15 minutes a day

18. Use a moisturizer on your face and your body 1-2 a day

19. Write some type of poetry or at least one page of inner thoughts or goals per week

20. Avoid drama - other peoples, TV, even yourself

21. Get into the water: a shower, bath, swim, lake or clean large bodies of water

22. Donate time or a dollar to acknowledge people less fortunate than you

23. Smile.Take a deep breathe in, and slowly out. Admire your life even thus far.

24. Treat yourself: massage, mani-pedi,etc., to relax and benefits your body, heart, mind

25. Read chapter in a book or very minimum magazine 2 per week


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